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Spooky Sparrow 5k Color Run- 2k Walk

When: October 21, 2023
Where: West Chester, PA

Our Purpose

This 5k Color Run/2k Walk was made with the sole purpose of raising funds for Home of the Sparrow, an organization that's mission is to end homelessness for single mothers and women residing here in Chester County. This organization is extremely dedicated to these women, assisting them with budgeting skills and also providing them with health services and shelter when the situation is dire. There are hundreds of women living in Chester County who are on the brink of eviction due to the high living costs of this community. The biggest takeaway of Home of The Sparrow is that they not only help fund these women and provide them with the necessary financials, but they help guide them towards providing a stable income and getting out of unfortunate situations. Click here to learn more. 


Rules and Regulations

– Since this is a color run we recommend wearing a plain white tee paired with clothing you do not mind ruining

– No pets allowed on running course

– Runners stay on the left, walkers stay on the right

– This event is for charitable purposes, so have fun and enjoy yourselves!