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Spartan Race - Palmerton

When: July 10, 2021
Where: Palmerton, PA
Race type(s): Super, Sprint

Are you up for a course designed to challenge our elite Spartans? At the Palmerton Super and Sprint Weekend, youïll come face-to-face with Pennsylvaniaïs BLUE MOUNTAIN, taking on steep slopes that intimidate youï long climbs that challenge youï and obstacles that threaten you. On Blue Mountain, youïll run in and out of dense forest as you climb the mountain designed to test the elites. If youïre strong and determined enough, youïll be rewarded with amazing views from the top ï and then your challenging descent begins. Donït race alone. Invite your friends and family to cheer you on. This is an amazing course for spectators. They can take the chair lift ride to the top for jaw-dropping views of the course and surrounding area. Put yourself to the test at this ïMUST RACEï event.