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Spartan Race - Asheville

When: July 24, 2021
Where: Black Mountain, NC
Race type(s): Hurricane Heat, Sprint, Super, Kids Race

There are two HUGE reasons to race Asheville: First, itïs an awesome challenge. The Asheville course has been designed to test our elite Spartans. Over the past four years, the course has earned its place alongside Killington and Wintergreen as Spartanïs most brutal courses. Trust usï Asheville will test your physical and mental limits. Second, itïs a stunningly beautiful course. Youïll chase glory in the shadow of a massive quarry, and earn your rewards of beautiful vistas overlooking stunning spruce-fir forests. Youïll enjoy soft grass and cool forest, but youïll also face lots of granite, grit, dirt and mud. At Asheville, you will EARN your finisherïs medal. Youïll face rocky, steep slopes and trails that will test the elites. Donït race alone. Invite your friends and family to cheer you on ï and enjoy the area together. This is a fun area for spectators and racers alike. You can visit the famous Blue Ridge Mountains (home of amazing sunsets), go zip-lining, take a balloon ride, explore caves, check out the outstanding local dining, or grab a beer at one of Ashevilleïs many microbreweries. Can you conquer this challenging course? Sign up now for this ïMUST RACEï event.