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Running From Yeti - Kansas City, MO

When: March 1, 2025
Where: Kansas City, MO
Race type(s): Half-marathon, 5k, 10k

In Nepal’s folklore, Yeti is an “abominable Snowman”, who looks like an ape, is taller than an average human, and is believed to live in the Himalayas, Siberia, Central and East Asia. Yeti, during pre-19th century, has been believed to be a “Glacier Being” who was worshipped by the indigenous communities.

However, in Western, MO, he is a cute big fellar that we can’t wait to see this March 1st, 2025Β to playfully run from him, take pictures with him, high-five him, and have a chilly party with him! Freddie is excited to come to Kansas City for the first time EVER and CANNOT wait to see you!

Come join us and:

Run/Walk/Jog/CartwheelEarn Your Comfy Hoodie!Choose Between One of the Bonus SwagEnjoy Tasty Treats and FoodWear WHITE to match Freddie!AND Dance to Some YETI MUSIC