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Pinnacle Indoor Triathlon #3 - Friday, January 8, 2021

When: January 8, 2021
Where: Madison, WI
Race type(s): Indoor sprint

The Pinnacle Indoor Triathlon Series is back for its 13th year. This beginner friendly event is great training in the off season. From beginners to elites, the indoor triathlon series is perfect for anyone at any level!

Each athlete will swim for 10 minutes and laps will be counted. You then have 10 minutes in transition before your bike time will start. All athletes will use stationary bikes with the same setting. You will bike for 20 minutes and your distance will be calculated. You then have another 5 minutes in transition before you get on the treadmill for 10 more minutes. Your distance on the treadmill will also be calculated.

10 Minute Swim – 20 Minute Bike – 10 Minute Run

We will continue to adhere to public health guidelines, so since this event spans several months there's a possibility event details may change. All changes will be communicated to participants. Modifications to the event this year to adhere to public health guidelines are as follows:

1) There will be waves starting every 15 minutes
2) There will be 4 people per wave, meaning each swimmer gets their own dedicated lane.
3) Under the current order (Emergency Order #8) masks are required at all times when not in the pool. This is subject to change as Public Heath comes out with new and/or revised guidelines.
4) Participants must maintain 6 feet of space from others.

More information on Emergency Order #8 can be found here. And information on gym guidance from the Public Health Madison Dane County can be found here.