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Interstate 17

When: August 21, 2021
Where: Closter, NJ
Race type(s): 17M

Traversing beautiful viewpoints along the Hudson River from New Jersey to New York and back again the Interstate 17 Trail Run delivers amazing scenery as it tests your physical prowess.

This is NOT your average trail race. This trail is meant to test your strength and endurance. Seventeen miles with approximately 6500 ft. of elevation change, if you're not extremely careful there are many places where you can fall to your death or serious injury.

You'll run four times on a four mile loop of rugged technical trails after a mile out and back on road to separate the field of runners for safety. You will complete 3 counterclockwise loops followed by a final loop clockwise. You must check in at the beginning/end of each loop to have your time card punched.

Aid Stations

Mile 1, 5, 9, & 13 Fully stocked with water, sports drink, soda, gels, candies, oranges, bananas, chips, pretzels and more!

*Due to distance between aid we highly recommend carrying your own hydration supply

Course Description

Mile 0-1: out and back on road

Mile 1-2: semi technical rock strewn dirt trail which leads to a steep long descent on rocky uneven jagged stairs and switchbacks. Once you reach the bottom you'll head north on smooth dirt trail along the river with beautiful views

Mile 2-3: a boulder filled rock scramble where you'll need to use your hands to navigate at certain points ends with a singletrack dirt trail with short yet steep ascents and descents along the river

Mile 3-4: singletrack dirt path takes you directly back into another rock scramble, however this portion is much more runnable, ending directly on the shore of the river

Mile 4-5: as you continue along the rocky shore trail you'll encounter the beautiful waterfall signaling your time to ascend the cliff using various switchbacks and staircases. Once you reach the top it's a short run through wide cross country skiing trails back to the checkpoint/aid station at the start/finish area

Miles 5-9 & 9-13 repeat miles 1-5. Last loop miles 13-17 you'll reverse your path.


The following standards have been set up for accepting entries. We CANNOT accept your entry if you don't meet these standards. We reserve the right to accept or reject any entry. Due to trail limitations, entries will close at 30 runners or on August 15th, whichever comes first. These qualifying standards are put in place to insure that runners are in condition to safely complete the event in 6 hours. Please don't ask us to accept any qualifier under a road marathon or 30k trail run.

At least one of these standards must have been met after August 1 of last year:

•Anyone who completed last year’s Interstate 17 Trail Run
•Anyone who completed a half-iron man triathlon competition in 6 hours or less.
•Anyone who completed a full iron man triathlon in 13 hours or less.
•Anyone who completed a 50 miler in under 10 hours, a 50K under 5 hours, or a marathon under 4:15. Add 1 1/2 hrs. for a trail race.
If you do not meet any of the qualifying standards above but have run a trail race of 20 miles or longer (ie. a distance not specified above) within double the time of that race's winner, you are eligible to submit an application. Acceptance is pending our review.