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Idaho Falls Marathon

When: July 27, 2024
Where: Idaho Falls, ID
Race type(s): Marathon, Other

Run the 2025 Idaho Falls Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.

The Bearded Realtors, have taken over and looking to make this a premier running experience.

The Idaho Falls Half Marathon is now flatter and faster. The start and finish for all three races is at Snake River Landing. The marathon course runs the first half west through beautiful south east Idaho farm country and back through historic New Sweden. The marathon returns to the start point to continue clockwise around the Snake River Greenbelt for the remaining half and finishes where you started.

The 1/2 marathon starts at Snake river Landing and travels clockwise around Snake River Greenbelt with the second half of the full marathon course.

The 5k course is close around the Snake River Landing area, course TBD.

Happy Running!