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HOKA Rocky 50

When: February 12, 2022
Where: Huntsville

Rocky Raccoon got so big a few years ago we ended up splitting the 50mile and 50km distances onto the following weekend. We also have a half marathon now! So now Rocky 50 is a stand alone event. If you want to run your first ultra, or you want to run a really fast 50, this is your course. Just enough change in elevation, lots of exposed tree roots, beautiful pine trees with their needles nestled under your feet, cool bridges, a gorgeous east Texas lake, wildlife, and a wonderful set of aid stations and volunteers.

While every racer will get some cool swag, December 6 is the deadline to get a shirt. If you register after December 6, you will get some cool Race Swag! This could be a variety of items like a trucker cap, neck gaiter, etc. It will be a cool Swag Item!

For TT SWAG and T-Shirt Sizing

Click Here for Tejas Trails Policies (you really do want to know this stuff)

HOKA ONE ONE ROCKY 50 PARTICIPANT CAPS: Due to a limited amount of space at Huntsville State Park, all Rocky 50 races have a participant cap.

Rocky 50 mile, 50km and 13.1mi are all on Saturday, February 13, 2021.

Once each of these race distances individually sells out the Wait List is activated. Each person wanting to register for that distance, must sign up on the Wait List. As existing runners who can no longer make it let us know, the next person on the Wait List is automatically invited (via email) to register. Each person on the Wait List has 24-hours to accept their invitation to register and if it is not used, then their Wait List invitation gets cancelled and the next runner will be sent an invitation. Watch your email for your invitation to register!