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Hill Country Hundy

When: November 18, 2023
Where: San Saba, TX

For those who are wanting AMAZING Texas gravel riding, this is your event! Staging from historic San Saba, TX (the Pecan capital of the world).

Neutral water tables will be provided for all distances, but aside from the water tables this is considered a self supported event. Timed riders/racers are not allowed to utilize support on course unless it is equally available to all riders. This means no cached supplies, no team vehicles on course. Carry what you need. Support from other participants is allowed for. We will provide for an after party with various cold drinks and snacks.

The premiere route is most definitely the 100 miler but all distances will be glorious, memorable and unique. Each distance winds through a wide range of topography/geographic features ranging from granite rock formation to spring fed river bottoms. Everyone who participates is virtually guaranteed to experience Texas like they never have before!

The 100 miler (Hundy Miler) features over 4000 feet of climbing with MULTIPLE continuous climbs. That is what they mean by a gravel grinder! This route does incorporate some adventurous paved segments to connect the route highlights. No, road bikes would NOT be appropriate. 40's wouldn't be a bad choice in tire size.

The 70ish miler also has continuous climbing in the mix! Total climbing maps out at under 2000 feet but that number is somewhat deceptive. The ups will be memorable on this route as will the downs. We expect this one to be VERY fast paced among the competitive types. This route should be over 85% unpaved.

The 45 miler also has good climbing in the mix! Total climbing for this one maps out to about 1250 feet. There is very little pavement on this route as well.

Pricing includes a $35, single weekend/event Trial Membership to Club Spinistry, That fee will be waived for current Club Spinistry members. The Trial Membership fee will be deducted from the cost of a full membership if upgraded within 7 days of the event.

Timing is for training reference purposes and bragging rights only. This is not a race. All riders are expected to abide by all laws and the Traffic Code for the Great State of Texas. Do not plan to setup for a sprint finish. If you wish to record the fastest time of the day you should set that time out on the route, not by swapping wheel sucks all day.