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HFFA Kids Triathlon

When: July 31, 2021
Where: Huntersville, NC
Race type(s): Triathlon

Open to kids ages 4-12 and teens ages 13-14

Pre-race Notes
– All bikes, etc., must be set up in the transition area by 4:30pm, and kids must be present for a pre-race meeting at 4:45pm.
– No parents will be allowed in the swim/bike/run transition area. Plenty of qualified volunteers will be in the transition area to assist and direct kids.
– Medical and police personnel will be on site.

Equipment | Apparel Info
Swim: Wear a swimsuit or TRI suit. All kids will be given a swim cap at packet pick up that has a number on it. The number is the LANE number for your child. Recommended to wear goggles for easy sighting. PFD’s and kick boards are allowed.

Bike & Run: Approved bike helmet must be worn. All bikes must have handlebar plugs or grips that cover the ends of the handlebar (tape is not acceptable). Recommended to wear light socks, run shoes and shorts over swimsuit if desired.

Course Descriptions
Ages 4-6: 25 yd swim | 0.3 mile bike | 100 yd run
Ages 7-8: 50 yd swim | 1 mile bike | 0.5 mile run
Ages 9-10: 75 yd swim | 1 mile bike | 0.75 mile run
Ages 11-12: 100 yd swim | 2 mile bike | 1 mile run
Ages 13-14: 200 yd swim | 2 mile bike | 1.5 mile run

Swim Course
Each participant has one lane and swims their desired distance in that lane only. The swim finishes on the water park side of the pool. Shoes and shirt and/or number should be left on the water park side of the pool. Parents are to stay on the opposite side of the pool for viewing. Volunteers will help the kids exit the pool and prepare for the bike as needed. Any child can use a kick board to assist them in the swim.

Transition 1
The participants climb out of the pool and put their shoes and number on. Volunteers are in place to help children in need. The participants exit the pool via the water park and run to the HFFA parking lot where the bicycles are stationed by age group.

Bike Course
Each participant will exit the HFFA parking lot and ride on Verhoeff Road for the required distance per age group and then return back to the transition area to return bike.

Transition 2
Return your bike to the designated drop off spot according to age group and begin run.

Run Course
Each participant will exit the HFFA parking lot and run on Verhoeff Road for the required distance per age group all the way through the FINISH LINE which will be set up at the at the near the second HFFA parking lot.

Use the contact form to request to volunteer.