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Fall Track Meet

When: October 28, 2023
Where: Tampa, FL

Join us for Fleet Feet Flatwoods' Fall Track Meet presented by Fleet Feet Flatwoods and New Balance. This is an open track meet, where all ages and skill levels are welcome! Participants will be able to compete in the quarter mile (400m), half mile (800m), one mile, and two mile. Registering for the meet permits participants to race in as many of the four events as they please. All races will be electronically timed and scored. While racing for new personal records, participants can also win prizes with their meet performance. The meet will have a male and female winner, as well as opportunities to enter raffles to win additional prizes 

Each event will be scored as follows (scoring for male and female participants will be seperate). 

1st – 10 points, 2nd – 8 points, 3rd – 6 points, 4th – 5 points, 5th – 4 points, 6th – 3 points, 7th – 2 points, 8th – 1 point


Meet schedule (rolling schedule, subject to change)

-Check In


-Men's 1 mile 

-Women's 1 mile

8:05 am 

-Men's 400m

-Women's 400m 


-Men's and women's 2 mile (note combined race)

9:00 am

-Men's 800m

-Women's 800m

9:15 am



Participants MUST park at Live Oak Little League. Not on the school campus of Turner/Bartels.