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Fall into Fitness Challenge: Arizona

When: October 17, 2023
Where: Phoenix, AZ

The Fall into Fitness Challenge is a FREE three-week challenge hosted by HealthCorps. The challenge is designed to empower and motivate students, teachers, and family members in our community to get moving and enjoy the benefits of physical activity, and we are so excited to have you joining us!

Join a school team and work together to meet movement and spirit/community encouragement goals.

Each participant will log their daily activities, in the form of steps. Steps can be tracked using pedometers, fitness watches, or phone apps OR participants can log their activities and how long they participated in them and convert them to steps using the activity log and conversion chart in the participant packet.

Important dates:
Registration! Registration is open now! Registration will remain open for anyone who wants to join in throughout the challenge.
Challenge dates: October 17th-November 6th
Log your activities every Tuesday by 11:59pm to be included in each week's raffle and leaderboard summaries! All activities must be logged no later than Thursday, November 9th for consideration in final leaderboards and prizes. Final Awards to be announced on Monday, November 13th. *Note: only activities completed from 10/17-11/06 will be accepted for award consideration.

Prizes and Awards:
Log your activities in the form of steps to be included in a weekly random drawing for fun prizes and swag. 

Drawings will take place on 10/25, 11/01, and 11/08. The amount of steps you have logged will correspond with the number of raffle entries you will have each week.
Steps/step equivalents reached:
35,000 = 1 entry
70,000 = 2 entries
140,000 = 3 entries
210,000 = 4 entries
250,000 = 5 entries
350,000 = 6 entries

Your HealthCorps team will reach out to selected winners via the email provided in your registration, as well as post the names on the challenge runsignup website.


This award will go to the team with the highest percentage of team members who hit the 210,000 steps/step equivalents milestone (an average of 10,000 per day!) by the end of the challenge.


Share how you and your team went above and beyond to be active and support others along the way. A survey will be distributed to collect this information during the final week of the challenge.

Each winning team will receive a brag banner and additional resources for their team celebration!

National Team Recognition and Awards

HealthCorps communities across the country are also competing in this challenge! A national leaderboard and team awards will be announced on November 13th!