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ERS Run Shoot Run

When: May 22, 2021
Where: Midway, GA
Race type(s): 5K

For the First time Every: Run – Shoot – Run 5k and clay shoot.

You have seen this in the winter Olympics with skis and rifles. It is the Biathlon but with a Georgia twist with a 5k run and clay shooting.

How it works:

1. You will run a 5k in a time trial fashion (1 person leaving every 10 seconds ordered fastest to slowest)

2. When you finish your 5k you will have 6 shoots at 6 clays presented from two angles.

3. For every missed clay you will be penalized 1/4 mile additional running. (max of 1.5 miles)

4. When you are finished with your penalty laps or you shoot all 6 clays outright your done! Fastest time wins.

What is included?

Race: Through the beautiful acreage at Dorchester shooting preserve. Flat and smooth dirt path

Gear: Shirt, medal, photos

Shooting: Gun, Shells, Clays (you can bring your own shoot gun as well)

Other Perks? Country Brunch provide by Dorchester at the Lodge, Option to spend the night in an on site cottage. Shoot a full round of clays, hit the shooting range.

BONUS: Register by 3/1 and get an upgraded sublimated Racing Tech Shirt


A. Cost of Cottages – $150 per person

B. Safety – Learn the basics of clay shooting safety HERE – In out system, a gun and ammo manager will provide you the gun and shells when you are in the stand ready to shoot. After shooting participants will hand the gun back to the manger in the open position who will prepare for the next runner. Runners must have eye and ear protection while in the shooting area.

C. Spectators are allowed and will have full view of the shooting. They must wear protective gear while in the shooting area. $15 to enjoy brunch.

D. Walkers – Welcome. What about Stollers – Not while your participating! What about animals? No animals on the run.

E. Can I have someone else shoot for me? For a donation of $25 you can have our guest shooter take your place. This does not guarantee you won't have to run extra laps but does increase your chances!

D. Event Capped at 150 runners