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Dirty Donut

When: June 3, 2023
Where: Martin, MI
Race type(s): 10, 22, 41, and 61 miles

The Dirty Donut is the first event of its kind to be held on dirt roads.  It offers four different distances of races, 10, 22, 41, and 61 miles, and welcomes a wide variety of cyclists.

Everyone from the very serious racer to those that just want a fun riding experience have a place at this event.  Serious racers will opt for the “Sprint” race, which is conducted much like any other gravel race and the winners are the first to finish.

“Donut” racers will opt for a bit more strategy in a race where the winner is often times not the fastest rider, but the rider who can combine speed with how many donuts they can eat.

In the Donut races, each race distance has “donut stops” positioned along the race route.  Participants deduct five minutes from their final finish time for each donut they consume at one of our “donut stops” in the race.

Sound like fun?  It all takes place on Saturday, June 3, 2023 as part of the National Donut Day weekend celebration.  The race will start and finish at the Martin High School in Martin, Michigan.  A very beautiful high quality medal will be presented to everyone who finishes and we have even more hardware for our divisional and age division winners!