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Cyclewerks Cyclocross and 5K at the Hoag ranch

When: November 12, 2023
Where: Whitehouse, OH

As part of our 2023 Cyclocross Series , We have a fun new offering.

We will be have a 5k and a Cyclocross race at the Hoag ranch.5K will start at 3:00 PM. We will do the Cyclocross race on the same course at 4:00 pm (or when we are done with the 5K awards) Your may register for 1 event or both. Special awards for everyone who does both. 5K will be a mostly for fun event with awards for the top finishers. The Cross race with be an official UCI event with points awarded.  UCI one day or annual required for points.
Registration details will be posted shortly. Course will be open by 2:00 pm. for practice.