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Caveman Challenge

When: May 13, 2023
Where: Ocala, FL
Race type(s): 5K

Come and support the 6TH annual event, CAVEMAN CHALLENGE! This event was founded to support The Wil-Power Foundation, Inc, which is a 503 (c) organization formed to honor the life of William Mintner and to provide educational and wellness opportunities for our local communities.  Wil is a former friend, son, teammate of the YMCA Wahoo’s in Ocala, The Ocala Aquatics swim team (AKA the Marlins), and the Florida Southern swim team. Wil is very missed, but with the help of his loving friends and family, we feel like we are able to capture some of the heart of Wil during this event! It will be located in sunny, Ocala, FL at Jervey Gantt Park.  Wil loved CrossFit, Swimming, running, and his Neon Green Jeep Wrangler.  We hope for all of the athletes to have a fun time during this event; and have opened it up to 3 divisions including:

1. Competitive CAVEMAN CHALLENGE: consists of a 5k; followed by a 400 yard swim in the short course pool with fun and challenging strength and plyometric movements in between each lap; all followed by a Jeep wrangler push 25 meters.

2. TEAM CAVEMAN CHALLENGE (2 athletes will receive swag but feel free to bring more friends to jump in with your team!) 1 member will run 5K; 2nd member will swim and perform challenges on the pool deck; and both can push the jeep!)

3. NEW addition to the lineup: The CAVEMAN MINI (consists of a 5K run/walk followed by 25 meter Jeep wrangler push)