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American Ninja Warrior Clinic (Month of October)

When: October 7, 2023
Where: Williamstown, NJ

American Ninja Warrior Clinic


Crossfit Off The Grid

1165 N Tuckahoe Rd
Williamstown, NJ  08094

-American Ninja Warrior Clinic:

       In this program, students will learn “the obstacle course” and the rules associated with a successful course finish. Participants will then get time to practice the obstacles before competing against the clock and the course just like on American Ninja Warrior the TV show. Come see what it’s like to compete under pressure like a real American Ninja Warrior competitor on the show. 

This clinic is designed for kids ages 7-15

– American Ninja Warrior clinic 12pm-1pm (ages 7-15)

– Saturday, October 7th,

-Saturday, October 14th,

-Saturday, October 21st,

-Saturday, October 28th, 

Come see what it’s like to train like an American Ninja Warrior. In this 4 week program, participants will get a hands on approach to obstacle training by using replicas of obstacles from both TV shows American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Jr.

Some of the skills learned while participating in the program are as follows:

-Skill progressions including: learning how to safely fall, laches, striding, jumping, rope climbing, landings, precisions, wall climbs, running up walls, monkey bars, swinging on ropes and rings. 

-Balance Training:  on rails and beams at the beginner and intermediate levels.