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22 hour Veteran Suicide Awareness run/jog/walk

When: November 10, 2023
Where: Canton, MI

Once again leading into Veteran’s Day, Steve will be running/jogging/walking for 22 hours straight, representing the 22 veterans per day who commit suicide in the U.S.  You're welcome to come join him for a lap, an hour, or whatever you're comfortable with. Register for the block of time that matches your calendar so we have an idea how many people to plan for throughout the 22 hours.  The loop we're doing at Heritage Park is a flat paved path, so if you're adverse to hills, no worries

Full disclosure to the runners: Steve's pace will be the fastest at the beginning of the event (Noon – expected 5PM), but will be paced to only be around 12-14 minute miles to have endurance for 22 hours.

Full disclosure to the walkers: Steve's pace will start dropping after about 5 hours (5PM) but will still be a fast walk until night time.  The final hours of the event on Saturday morning have typically been a slow and fatigued walk.