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10th Anniversary Party

When: October 28, 2023
Where: Beacon, NY

Wow! 10 years. So many good times training, racing, and good times with acquaintances who have become lifelong friends.

Although a lot has changed over the years, our desire to come together for workouts, to share training and racing advice, and to celebrate life well lived has not. 

Please join us on 10/28 at 4 p.m. at Jane's house (77 Depuyster Ave, Beacon) to celebrate.

This is a great opportunity for new members to connect with fellow club members and for old members to reconnect with each other. However long you've been a part of the club, we would LOVE to see you.

This will be a casual indoor/outdoor event with a firepit. Families and significant others are welcome too! We'll also have a gear exchange table. This is a perfect way to dispose of items you find in your season changeover that you no longer need but don't want to throw out.