RunTriBike 1-Year Subscription


Run•Tri•Bike was started to help the everyday athlete understand the nuances of endurance sports, whether that is running on the road or trail, swimming in a pool or lake, riding a bike on the road, gravel or mountain. To do that we want to provide you with tips and tricks, and to motivate you we want to provide you with stories of athletes, who are like you. These tips and stories are exclusive to our magazine and not found on our website.

These athletes will be female, BIPOC, Physically Challenged and LGBTQ+ athletes who have a story to tell. Their stories will help you realize that there is a spot at the starting line for everybody. They will tell about the obstacles they’ve overcome and what that has meant to them. They will give you insight into why these sports have helped them with their jobs or their relationships. Like you, they have careers, family, friends, and a myriad of responsibilities but endurance sports has helped them in some way.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive tips and tricks and stories inside of this magazine. We look forward to bringing you more insight and inspiration as our community grows.

Subscription Includes:

  • 6 printed issues delivered to your door on a bi-monthly basis
  • Articles not found on our website or on our social media platforms
  • Exclusive access to coach’s tips
  • Information from licensed nutritionists
  • Concepts and theories from licensed sports psychologists