PhytoLyte™ Premium Hydration 30 Serving Container


PHYTOLYTE™ is The BEST Ultra Hydration Drink Mix amongst Individuals Seeking Brain Boosting, Real Food Powered, Nutrient Dense Hydration.

To be used during intense training blocks, during race week, or to replace multivitamin pills. PhytoLyte™ helps reduce the race mind drift and pre “Race Brain.”

Excellent “GOTO”  for filling fill nutrition gaps when you can’t get to a real meal.



1. Reduces the Mind Drift and Keeps you Focused

2. Immune Boosting MultiVitamins Helps prevent the Crash and Burn of Intense workouts.

3. Reduce Muscle Soreness with Inflammation Reducing Nutrients

PhytoLyte™ is your answer to a delicious NUTRIENT DENSE drink mix, that doesn’t need a blender and only needs a few shakes in your water bottle.

Our training, racing and daily stress deplete our system of vital nutrients. We live fast paced lives as triathletes, finding ourselves running from training to meetings, through airports, noshing on high caloric sugar filled energy bars, picking up kids without time to sufficiently sit down for a solid meal.

This combination of whole food vitamins ( from fruits and vegetables ) and electrolytes are essential nutrients to support your metabolic functions. We’ve added VitaCholine™ to increase neuromuscular communication while sustaining energy for the duration of daily activities, training and racing. This fast hydration system ensures the maximum amount of cellular hydration.

PhytoLyte™ reduces the “HANGRIES” following a 5 hour ride or 3 hour run. Each serving replenishes electrolytes AND nutrients lost per hour of exercise using Albion™ Patented TRAACS™ Minerals and VitaCholine™

The ONLY PHYTONUTRIENT endurance athlete electrolyte system made with:

  • *Whole Food Vitamins 
    • Works with electrolytes to create energy
  • *No Synthetic ‘petro chemical’  vitamins
  • Albion™ Minerals-Highly Absorbable Electrolytes

Clinically Validated ingredients to be absorbed at higher rates to achieve maximum absorption

  • Magnesium BisGlycinate Chelate
  • Potassium: as Calci-K™
  • Calcium: as Calci-K™
  • Phosphorus: as Calci-K™ 
  • Sea Salt


Vitacholine™- The Omni-Nutrient™ Supports communication between brain, nerves, and muscles

  • Helps Fast Twitch Muscles respond and work better
  • Keeps Focus longer, reduces pre race “race brain”
  • Increases Speed of Cellular Hydration; clinically proven.
  • Supports Cellular Osmoticity

Pure Hawaiian Nutrex® SpirulinaRecovery Superfood: Rich in Omegas and Minerals

Each PhytoLyte™ serving provides one daily serving of fruit and vegetables.

  • Plant Based Vitamin blend sourced from NON-GMO Fruit and Vegetables, Garden Fresh and made to order maximizing the complete absorption of nutrients
  •  Electrolyte ratio is formulated to replenish average hourly sweat lost, based on clinical studies of extreme athletes
  •  All ingredients are selected for the efficacious clinical research, freshness, verified quality, and known location of origin.
  • VitaCholine™ Enhances cellular osmosis, increases focus and cognitive function, reduces fatigue and helps liver functionality
  • Hawaiian Spirulina: The Oceans Superfood! An easily digestible nutrient dense protein profile, supporting muscles and electrolyte absorption.

Protocol Directions:

1 serving per hour of exercise.

Add to 16-20 fluid ozs of room temperature water. Shake Vigorously 10-15 seconds. 


“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.”